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A Firearm Instructor is a specialized skill. It is not just about showing someone how to squeeze the trigger. 

A professional firearms instructor is a mentor, teacher, inspirer and coach. People look to you for answers on the industry. They will ask the firearm instructor what firearm is best for hunting. They will ask the firearms instructor what firearm they should buy for self defense. 

The firearms instructor is the go-to-guy when the want to assistance with firearm license applications.

On this firearm instructor course, we discuss the difference between a good firearms instructor and a great firearm instructor. How can YOU be the firearms instructor everyone refers everyone to?

This Firearm Instructor course in South Africa is unique in content. We want YOU to stand out!

DEPOSIT ONLY R5000 and only pay the outstanding amount before your course starts early in February 2021


(Actually, if you want to be a Great Instructor your course starts today!)

and... You get a Free Registration and membership for 2020 when you complete the course. 

You only pay for membership in January 2021.

Why so long before the course? Your answers below...




We want YOU to be the firearms instructor everyone refers people to, so….

Receive the Books NOW to start preparing long in advance. Study in the comfort of your own home.

Deposit 50% of the total course price (subjects (U/S) relevant to you) and only complete payment before

 the course date.

It is not possible to become a great firearms instructor in only 1 week, so we use the final week’s attendance on 

course to wrap things up and show you the practical stuff you need to know as the GREAT instructor you plan to be. 

We spend time with you through communication during your study period, to guide you through the entire process.


We also assist with training center accreditation. Contact us for more info.

About our courses:

You get all these:

TOTAL COST (ammunition and firearms excluded) is only R10 000 FOR ALL OF THIS !


Done any of the above? Let is know and take those off your course price!

DEPOSIT R5000 and only pay the outstanding amount before your course starts!



Our courses at IC GUNS are unique in content and features some crucial elements of adult education you as a 

professional firearms instructor should know.

Apart from the top-of-the-range Firearms Instructor Course based on Unit Standard 123520: Supervise Firearm Training" we also include:

Range Officer (US 123516 Supervise Shooting Exercises) @ R1500

Assessor (US 115753 Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment) @ R1500

You are on this course because you want to be THAT FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR EVERYONE REFERS PEOPLE TO!

The course contents are raising international benchmarks and are unique in its compilation of contents.

IC Guns is driven by PASSION, which means we perform our tasks with an enthusiasm and a moral obligation to those we serve.

Those are You — our clients.

Our main purpose:

To Make You as Good as We Possibly Can during the time that you spend with us.

The class attendance for you as an instructor is 1 week. However, this is not enough time to become a good instructor, 

and we want YOU to be a GREAT INSTRUCTOR. It is not an easy course, but we want you to be fully prepared. 

That is why we will send you the course material as soon as you register and send us a proof of payment.

You can prepare yourself in the comfort of your home or business environment and follow our user-friendly tutorials to 

allow you to come to the course, ready for action.

We will provide more details on tutorials once you are registered and have your books.

We look forward to having you as the next generation Firearms Instructor!

As part of your qualification (once completed), you get a 1-year membership to IC GUNS as an instructor 

and 1-year reduced membership fees to the International Confederation of Firearms Instructors.

The IC Guns membership is free for the first year after completing the course with us. 

The Shooters Network fee is R100 for the first year, thereafter, membership for both will be $30 combined per year.

Firearm Instructor Course

Event Date: Click here

Venue: IC GUNS Indoor Shooting Range, Tshwane China Mall, Zambezi Drive, Pretoria.

Your course material will be sent to you upon proof of payment. This will allow you to prepare for the course in advance.

Although the course scheduled for a later date, there is a lot of work to be done and we want you to be prepared when 

coming to course and not have to return several times after the course is completed. 

One week for an instructor course is not enough if your research and assignments are not done beforehand.


Learning assumed to be in place:

What qualifications should you have before attempting the instructor course?

First, you must show proof that you have done the following courses:

                     117705  Demonstrate Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act                      

·         BASIC                           

o   119649                      Handle and Use a Handgun                         

o   119650                      Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine                    

o   119651                      Handle and Use a Manually operated Rifle                           

o   119652                      Handle and Use a Shotgun                          

·         BUSINESS PURPOSES                             

o   123511                      Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle for Business Purposes

o   123514                      Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes                             

o   123515                      Handle and Use a Handgun for Business Purposes                            

o   123519                      Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle for Business Purposes


If you do not have any of the above, we present it as a full package for only R4250. If you are uncertain, 

or have any of the above already, contact us for guidance.


You must be competent in the above categories that you wish to be an instructor for. 

So, for example, if you do not want to train people in Manually operated rifle, 

you do not have to qualify in that category or show proof that you have completed the above requirements for that category. 

However, I strongly advise that all who become instructors, qualify for all 4 weapon categories. This will allow them to teach in all 4. 

There is no additional cost to this on the instructor course.

They only cost not included is the ammunition used on course.


I strongly suggest that all who will attend the instructor course, get the books beforehand and work through the qualification shoot. 

This is not an easy shoot and must not be taken lightly. We cannot teach anyone to shoot and expect to pass the qualification shoot 

for instructor in 4 days.


Firearms and ammunition:


Firearms and ammunition are not included, and attendees are expected to provide own firearms and ammunition for the course.


Total ammunition count:

Handgun: 500 rds

Shotgun: 100 rds

Semi-auto rifle: 300 rds

Manually operated (hunting rifle) 50 rds


Course duration: 1 week

Learners who have prepared for the exam in advance when receiving the books, may write the exam on course. 

Learners who have not fully prepared, will have the opportunity to reschedule a date for writing exam.


After completing the Qualification shoot, all must attend a PFTC grading shoot, based on the Instructor qualification shoot. 

This will cost an additional R150 for the range and presence of a PFTC verifier during the shoot. 

Grading shoots may be arranged as part of the course.


Assessor and Range Officer is not directly included in the Instructor course and will require 

at least one additional day for presentation and writing exam.