Firearm License Application Process

Application Process

Some confusion arises about the specific process of firearm license application. below is a brief layout of the process:

1. Proficiency testing:

You have to successfully complete the following course/s at an accredited firearms training center:

        1. Knowledge of the Firearms Control Ac t 60 of 2000 (Unit Standard 117705)

        2. The following theoretical and practical exams should be completed successfully for handgun, shotgun, manually loading rifle (e.g. bolt-action or lever-action rifle) and self-loading rifle (semi-automatic rifles) respectively:

          • Handle and Use a Handgun (Unit Standard 119649)

          • handle and Use a Shotgun (Unit Standard 119652)

          • Handle and Use a Manual Loading Rifle (Unit Standard 119651)

          • handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle (Unit standard 119650)

    1. 2. Competency Application:

      1. An application for Competency to Possess a firearm (or dealing in firearms where applicable)has to be handed in at your nearest South African Police Station. This application must be accompanied by a copy of the proficiency certificates mentioned above.

      2. Application for license to possess a firearm: Once you have completed the above phases, you may proceed with applying for your specific license. The application for a Competency Certificate and Application for License may be submitted together (at some police stations) however, the license application will only be considered once the Competency Application is successful.

      3. Motivation for Possession of Firearm: Upon application for your license, you need to supply the registrar with reasons why you need the firearm. IZALATHISO CONSULTANTS specializes in customized motivations to suit your specific needs.

3. What do you need when applying?

Competency Certificate:

When submitting your Application for a Competency Certificate, you will need the following when arriving at the SAPS:

      1. Completed Application for Competency to Possess a Firearm

      2. R70 (cash or bank guaranteed cheque)

      3. Two colour passport photos

      4. Full names, I.D. numbers, addresses, and contact details of 5 references who the police can contact to verify your competency status.

      5. Download the forms and docs for Competency Application at SAPS below:

      6. e271 Competency Application

Reference Form

      1. Download the forms and docs for your License Application below:

Firearm License Application

Gun Safe Declaration