About us


Welcome to Izalathiso Consultants:

We believe that in order to distinguish ourselves above all others in this industry, we must be driven by a purpose that is greater than just making money or a name for ourselves. This purpose must always remain bigger than the organization otherwise the reason for existing can become rather self-centred or egotistic.


IZALATHISO CONSULTANTS is a Purpose Based Organisation, which means we perform our tasks with an enthusiastic sense of duty and a moral obligation to those the purpose is meant to serve. By Those I mean you — our clients.



Izalathiso Consultants conduct its programs and activities guided by overarching Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, Beliefs statements. All are revisited periodically and revised, if appropriate.

1.1          VISION:

Empowering our nation through quality education, training and development.

1.2          MISSION:


Provide Open and Relevant Education, Training and Development to accommodate for the Needs of Business, Industry and Communities.

To achieve this, we need to:


·         Create a Supportive Environment for Learners and Staff

·         Be a Dynamic Learning Institute

·         Enhance Possibilities for Employment and Employability

·         Recognize Prior Learning (RPL)

·         Cultivate Learning for Applied Competencies and Life-Long Learning

·         Implement Quality Management Systems.


1.3          CORE VALUES: (C.R.I.S.P.)


Creativity: To Be Resourceful, Innovative and Unconventional Thinkers in What We Do

Respect: To Bestow Dignity to All those Whom We Serve and Work With

Integrity: To Demonstrate a Sense of Justice and Honesty in Everything We Do

Service: To Respond Efficiently and Effectively to the Needs of Our Staff and Clients

Perseverance: To Continuously Apply Ourselves to the Best of Our Abilities

We believe that:

·         A literate and educated community is vital to a democratic society.

·         All people are entitled to a high-quality education, sensitive to individual dignity, professional integrity, and a positive and nurturing environment.

·         A lively education system cultivates a productive economy in a global environment.

·         Multi-disciplinary programs should be used to enhance life-long learning, growth, and development


Our aim is to develop the skills of the South African workforce:

 Improve productivity in the workplace: 


Izalathiso Consultants will remain professional and reliable at all times, providing all our clients with ethical and humanitarian practice, yet meeting all present and future demands in a cost effective manner.

 We strive to maintain a competitive edge through implementation of our strategies.

  We pride ourselves in the following:

Constant research is being done on all our services, products and courses, to provide you, our valuable client, with up-to-date training and service of high quality at all times.



Izalathiso Consultants is accredited with the Professional Firearm Trainers’ Council and is a lead provider of PFTC approved firearm training learning material. (See no. 8.4 below for more detail). We present firearm training to the level of:

·         Handle and use a handgun for business purposes”

·         Handle and use a shotgun for business purposes”

·         Handle and use a manually operated rifle for business purposes”

·         Handle and use a self-loading rifle or carbine business purposes”

·         Refresher training: Based on Regulation 21 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.


Izalathiso Consultants specialize in a wide range of qualifications. 


3.            HISTORY 


Ø  Internationally Published Author of “Crime and I: Be a Tough Target.” (Authorhouse UK)


As a qualified Skills Development Facilitator and experience in Design and Develop Training Material, the founder experienced a broad spectrum of human nature and dealt with different ethical, religious and ethnical groups, and hereby realized the shortfall in effective communication, positive attitude and commitment.


Our success is based on quality and professionalism.

We realize that there is a great many individuals with great potential for development and career growth in the lower income sector who cannot afford high course or service prices and often have to carry the cost from their own pockets.

We aim to enable and empower as many individuals through education as we possibly can. This means that we constantly revise our prices of all services and courses to make it affordable to all but still provide benchmark quality service and training.

It is our ultimate goal to ensure the total satisfaction of all our clients through professionalism and service excellence.

Extensive research is constantly being done on all products to ensure that products remain up to date with latest trends and daily life.

The author will remain professional and reliable at all times, providing all clients with ethical and humanitarian practice, yet meeting all present and future demands in a cost effective manner. 

An “esprit de corps” ensures professional service in all of the divisions of Izalathiso Consultants. 


It is our objective to build a personnel profile into one that will provide equal opportunity to all and truly reflect the population of South Africa.

Our management team consists of a range of subject matter experts with many years of experience in the field, which include, but are not limited to: Strategic Management,  High Risk Security, Tactical Operations, High Risk Operations and escorts, and many more.


§ Professional Firearm Training                               

§  Firearm License Consultants

§  Learning and Development Consultants

§  Crime Awareness Victim Empowerment and                         

§  Advanced Security Awareness Program Seminars

§  Assessment and Moderation Services: PFTC

§  Training centre accreditation          

§  Client specific course development                                     

§  Training Centre Quality Management System Development

§  PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers’ Council) approved learning material 

§  Training Centre representation at PFTC


5.1          WHY US?            PROFESSIONALISM DEFINED:

Izalathiso Consultants specialize in all the above. Our expertise are supplemented regularly. We continuously scout for other professional entities who are experts in their specific filed. We negotiate alliance to provide you with the best possible service at the best possible price. However, Izalathiso Consultants will oversee the Quality Management of each project we are involved in to ensure a level of quality exceeding the requirements of the relevant Quality Assurance Bodies. 

Izalathiso specializes in a broad field of expertise and the stakeholders are carefully handpicked to ensure subject matter expertise and professionalism.

 All staff members of Izalathiso, regardless of the division, are carefully selected and trained to meet the high standards Izalathiso has set. This ensures the crème de la crème in all our divisions.

All staff of the education division specializes in a wide range of fields and are professional Subject Matter Experts in their own right, contributing to an elite team of facilitators who in turn provide you with world-class training and other services.


The founding member of Izalathiso Consultants served in specialized S.A.P. Units for several years, thereafter serving the security industry as operator in specialized units and operations.


Francois Meyer, the author of "Crime and I: Be a Tough Target" and founder of C.A.V.E. © 2011 (Crime Awareness Victim Empowerment), served in specialized S.A.P. Units for several years. Thereafter, turning to the security industry and serving this industry in specialized units and operations.

Experience in the fields of: Instructor (S.W.A.T., Close Quarters Battle, Hand-to-hand combat, Advanced Firearms Instructor), Various Firearms and pyrotechnics, Counter Insurgency, Urban and Rural warfare, Rappelling / ab-sailing, Anti-poaching, Observation (urban and rural), Various security related fields, Defensive and restraining techniques, Security Risk Assessment, High Risk Area Security, High Risk Armed Escorts to selected clients, Close Protection Officer, Operational management, Armed and rapid response, Assets in Transit, Dog training and Dog handler training, Riot Control, etc.


Previous professional experience of more than 20 years in the field of law enforcement and security provides for hands-on experience and realistic training.


With more than 15 years of experience in the following aspects:

Learning and development

Course design

Learning material development

Quality Management System development

Internal Quality Management of Training and development

Training the trainer