Business Purpose Firearms

Business Purpose Firearms

I come across a lot of questions and confusion on a daily basis regarding the Use of  firearms for business purposes. This would include the use of firearms in the security industry.

Here's how it works:

Before an individual can apply for a Competency Certificate, he/she must comply with the process as discussed in the APPLICATION PROCESS PAGE. This would be the same process as for civilians.

Any person who works with a company firearm, must complete the theoretical and practical assessment for handle and use a firearm (handgun, shotgun, self-loading rifle and manual loading rifle respectively) for business purposes.

A copy of this certificate received must be kept on the employee file for police inspection.

Price List for Business Purposes Firearm Training

The firearm categories are as follows:

Handgun, Shotgun, Semi-automatic Rifle, Hunting Rifle.

Each one below will include the Firearms Control Act, as well as the Handle and Use (Basic) qualification you need before you can enroll for the business purpose firearms course.

1 FIREARM:   R1600