Instructor Courses


Our courses at IC GUNS are unique in content and feature some crucial elements of adult education you as a professional firearms instructor 

should know. Apart from the top-of-the-range Firearms Instructor Course based on Unit Standard 123520: Supervise Firearm Training" 

we also include:

Range Officer (US 123516 Supervise Shooting Exercises)

Assessor (US 115753 Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment)

First Aid Level 1 (a crucial element that every instructor MUST have)

You are on this course because you want to be THAT FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR EVERYONE REFERS PEOPLE TO!

The course contents are raising international benchmarks and are unique in its compilation of contents.

IC Guns is a Passion Driven Organization, which means we perform our tasks with an enthusiasm and a moral obligation to those serve. 

By Those I mean You — our clients.

Our main purpose:

To Make You as Good as We Possibly Can during the time that you spend with us.

The class attendance for you as an instructor is 1 week. However, this is not enough time to become a good instructor, 

and we want YOU to be a GREAT INSTRUCTOR. It is not an easy course, but we want you to be fully prepared. 

That is why we will send you the course material as soon as you register and send us a proof of payment.

You can prepare yourself in the comfort of your home or business environment and follow our user-friendly tutorials 

to allow you to come to the course, ready for action.

We will provide more details on tutorials once you are registered and have your books.

We look forward to having you as the next generation Firearms Instructor!

As part of your qualification (once completed), you get a 1 year membership to IC GUNS as an instructor and a 1 year reduced membership fee 

to the International Confederation of Firearms Instructors.

Firearm Instructor Course

Event Date: contact us

Venue: IC GUNS Indoor Shooting Range, Tshwane China Mall, Zambezi Drive, Pretoria.

Your course material will be sent you upon proof of payment. This will allow you to prepare for the course in advance.

There is a lot of work to be done and we want you to be prepared when coming to course and not have to return several times 

after the course is completed in September. One week for an instructor course is not enough 

if your research and assignments are not done beforehand.