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1. Follow the video tutorials to complete the Assignments.
2. Study the questions and answers
3. Make an appointment with one of our affiliates to complete your training and receive certificates.

Here is a list of our training centers where you may complete your course.

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You will receive an invite to our unique virtual classroom upon enrollment. 
Follow the guidance in the email invite you receive. The email is confidential and copyright & intellectual property rights apply to all our 
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We will guide you through the completion of the course in the comfort of your home. In your own time.

Once you have completed the Open Book (Formative) Assignments, you may contact one of the training providers listed here to complete 
your practical shooting training and assessment together with your written summative (Closed Book) exam.

The training center will issue a certificate on completion.

Our unique online classroom has provided additional information about your Competency Application at SAPS.