Kristy is a Gr 11 pupil at Montana High School in Pretoria.  After obtaining her South African colours for dancing at a young age, she pursued a singing career in 2014 at the age of 15. She showed remarkable talent and stirred the hearts of all in her very first audience: a small annual concert for parents held by Vibrience Music Notes, where she is a student. That first song, as shy as she was on stage for her very first performance, captivated the audience. Everyone was in awe. TIME STOOD STILL…


Her voice matured daily. Her hard work paid off. In late 2015, she walked away from SATCH (South African Talent Championship) with two Gold and two Silver medals.


Determined, she continues to enchant with her angelic voice…


Now, just a mere two years later, since that first song where she wondered if the whole audience could see her knees shaking profusely, she is one of the few selected to represent South Africa in New York, USA to take part in Talent America.


However to represent South Africa, is a costly affair.  Therefor we are requesting your assistance toward sponsorship for New York. 


To help Kristy in her quest to New York we request a humble donation from you of only R50.  
You can pay online or by Credit Card by simply clicking on one of the buttons below. 

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May 4, 2016, 7:04 AM